How to choose a villa with MetaPax?

The question of the right choice of appropriate villas is always on the agenda. In this article we will tell you how MetaPax copes with that task.



MetaPax review

MetaPax is an advanced next-generation streaming service that builds a bridge between real and virtual worlds. The application radically changes the traditional idea of data streaming.

Thanks to MetaPax technology, a person could be anywhere in the world without leaving home.

For example, the scope of MetaPax features is such popular topics as villa rentals. As we know, the entire quality of your vacation sometimes depends on it. There are a lot of top villas in specific services, but only one should be chosen.

Let us dwell on the subject in more detail

MetaPax Paxers

Paxers are streamers that make it possible to broadcast in real time. Wearing smart glasses they stream the villa room and you can control them.

Villa rental benefits with MetaPax

A better way to make your weekend adorable. Thanks to the advanced platform your choice becomes 99% accurate:

  1. Speed. With MetaPax you are able to instantly “teleport” and see the villa through the eyes of another person. You may save your own time and pay attention to specific details.
  2. Accuracy. Your accuracy of your choices, and therefore the quality of your weekends doubles.
  3. Availability. MetaPax platform gives you the ability to quickly and comfortably hire agents in unlimited numbers and at an affordable price.

3 easy steps to rent villa with Paxer:

Just do these simple things:

  1. Send us an application form with the villa’s parameters or leave the choice to us;
  2. Our independent expert goes to the location at an agreed time and notifies you;
  3. Once you are connected to him, check the selected villa. Agent activates his glasses with a camera and looks at any place in the villa and checks everything you tell him.

MetaPax Paxers are not realtors!

They’re an independent expert, with whom you may objectively assess the potential choice of villa.

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