Metaverse and MetaPax

Metaverse is a virtual space, one of the fundamental columns of Web 3.0, which, like the latter, has no clear edges yet.



Meaning of Metaverse

The concept of “Metaverse” isn’t a new term. It was already known in the mid-80s and was willingly used by science fiction writers to depict the future of humanity. For example, the writer Neal Stephenson in his famous novel «Snow Crash» described a kind of virulent space, access to which was possible thanks to specific glasses called “googlys”.

Nowadays, with the development of (blockchain) technologies, the formation of cryptocurrency communities and the concept of Web 3.0, the term Metaverse is generally described as “a virtual space where people could interact with each other and digital objects through their avatars using virtual reality technologies” or “the volumetric Internet”.

That is, it is a place where almost anyone may register and do what they do in real life (with some modifications of course).

What does Metaverse offer?

1) Resolving Humanity’s Challenges

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in our lives. Changes have affected everything from personal life to the workplace. COVID-19 showed the vulnerability of the modern World to likely threats, forcing almost humanity to go into lockdown and distance. Unfortunately, no one has cancelled new pandemics and scientists are alarmed about the possibility of new pandemics.

And it is at this point that Metaverse rushes to the rescue, thanks to which people can easily visit and communicate in viral space, solve tasks, travel, shop, work, etc.

2) Progress

Metaverse concept development is primarily caused by scientific and technological progress. “Blockchain”, “Bitcoin”, “cryptocurrency”, “Web 3.0”, “virtual reality” are already familiar to most people around the world. As a consequence, Metaverse is a natural phenomenon caused by the demands of our time. It is possible only to speculate about the magnitude of its hypothetical potential.

3) Democracy in its glory!

Firstly, Metaverse is a complete democratization of society and economic model. So, imagine a place where everyone would be equal in rights, regardless of what strata of society they belong to. There are no boundaries, no national or racial issues, no artificial barriers and no other bureaucratic procedures. Metaverse is a virtual space where everyone is equal.

MetaPax = Metaverse

Today, interest in Metaverse projects is growing restlessly. One notable project is MetaPax.

MetaPax is an advanced platform, a streaming service with its own ecosystem and tokenization. With MetaPax, people can engage in daily tasks from the comfort of their own homes. Users in the app are divided into Paxers (streamers) and Beholders (viewers). Communication takes place through streaming.

Beholders are able to give tasks to Paxers for a cost and direct them with voice commands. Paxers will earn money from both Beholders tasks or streaming.

Transactions in the ecosystem take place via a $MTP token. This token is issued with a limited emission of $1,000,000,000. In the future, the project will also offer its users the opportunity to earn passive income through staking.

The future is with us!

It is obvious and is no secret:

«The future is here».

And this is the future that mankind has dreamed of throughout the centuries. We are indeed living on the threshold of incredible change and unlimited possibilities. And Metaverse will give us all this.

MetaPax, in turn, will be those goggles glasses from Neal Stephenson’s prophetic novel «Snow Crash», allowing its users to plunge from the real world into the viral world.

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