Shopping with MetaPax

Today, technology is penetrating more and more into our daily lives. For example, in the clothing industry, offering new and innovative solutions to consumers. One such innovation is MetaPax.



The realities of modern shopping

Traditional shopping, like many other industries, has also undergone significant changes due to advances in technology. Today shopping companies are increasingly moving to digital sales, looking into new methods and marketing solutions targeting their potential customers.

Naturally, the development of blockchain technology, Web3 concept and Metaverse are also influencing these trends. Advanced companies have already begun to explore these innovations. And today it is obvious that shopping in the traditional sense will also change in the near future.

And that is where MetaPax, a next-generation reality streaming platform, comes on the scene, which will be one of the pillars of the changing concept of the new shopping experience.

MetaPax and shopping

MetaPax is an ultra-modern ecosystem that combines a proprietary platform, an app, and smart glasses. This combination essentially gives users an effective way to accomplish their own tasks, such as shopping to buy clothes.

Shopping with MetaPax turns into a fun activity, giving users a completely different experience. Imagine being able to shop with MetaPax from the comfort of your own home, saving time.

Let’s elaborate on all aspects of the benefits of shopping with MetaPax:

  1. Saving time;
  2. Speed of review;
  3. Accuracy of shopping.

Below we will show you the process of implementation.

How to shopping with MetaPax?

  1. The whole process is performed with the help of MetaPax users — Paxers, which are independent agents. They can be hired on the MetaPax platform in unlimited quantities and based on the rating.
  2. After selecting Paxers, you can instruct them to act in a specific brand clothing store.
  3. Then, after viewing the clothes in real time, you can choose the clothes you like in the online store of the brand.

Paxers are completely free, independent agents, exclusively fulfilling your requests.

Real use scenarios

Today, virtual shopping is no longer a novelty. But MetaPax shopping is a very different experience.

MetaPax gives users the opportunity to buy exclusive things where locally they have no possibility to buy. For example, shopping MetaPax can cover some exclusive collections or brands that are not available in the buyer’s country of residence.

Thus, the consumer gets the opportunity to see the goods in real life, as well as to get delivery from the same shopping agent (Paxer).

In addition, it is possible to hire a Paxer, for example, with the same figure as the buyer and try the thing on him.

As a result, you can do great shopping with MetaPax for 100% accuracy. Paxer will then send you the item by parcel. The above examples from shopping with MetaPax also apply to different product categories — jewelry, gadgets, watches, etc.

Possibilities are endless!


As we have seen, MetaPax takes the traditional understanding of shopping to another level. As a result:

  1. The consumer saves their time by “teleporting” anywhere in the world;
  2. He/she gets the opportunity to consider a variety of branded stores in a short time;
  3. His choice turns out to be precise and desirable with the help of MetaPax technology.

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